Clyde and Buck

On the bus tour I previously mentioned, we got the chance to go into some normally-closed areas around town. This is one of them, the final resting place of Buck and Clyde Barrow. Loving history today. #cemetery #gravestone #graveyard #clyde #bonnieandclyde #sdhlfb A post shared by Shannon D Wells (@shannondwells) on Mar 19, 2016 at […]

Devil’s Back Porch

    Last year I did a history/drinking on a bus tour of Dallas (although, sadly, I couldn’t partake, being pregnant). It hit a lot of random spots, and I believe the woman who led it leads private tours that highlight Bonnie and Clyde, if you’re ever in the area and interested. I’ll add a […]

The Boyd House – Sears Kit Homes

In The Case of Bonnie & Clyde in Rome, Laurel and the boys visit Widow Boyd in her very austere Sears kit house. Sears (then Sears and Roebuck) was a revolutionary business in their time, and kit houses were just one of the ways they changed commerce. The Boyd house model is shown below. From […]

Pop Music of early 1930’s

There’s someone who calls themselves MusicProf78 (and, alternately, “Music Professor” Bob Moke) on Youtube who has posted thousands of rare and old records from the 1920’s through the 1960’s. It really is incredible. Below are some 200 dance songs from the time frame when Laurel was just moving into Dallas. It’s been great fun to […]

What She Wore – Laurel in The Case of Bonnie & Clyde in Rome

I thought it would be fun to put together an outfit post for Laurel’s wardrobe in The case of Bonnie & Clyde in Rome. Let me know what you think of her choices! September in Dallas usually the time when the heat of summer is finally breaking, and some rain and cooler air are moving […]

Laurel’s Drink – Bee’s Knees

In The Case of Bonnie & Clyde in Rome, Laurel is treated to quite a few glasses of Bee’s Knees. Elvin, the little scamp of a bartender, was using a well-known recipe of the time that was particularly good at covering up the quality, or lack thereof, of the liquor used. [bctt tweet=”Bee’s Knees- a […]