Clyde and Buck

On the bus tour I previously mentioned, we got the chance to go into some normally-closed areas around town. This is one of them, the final resting place of Buck and Clyde Barrow. Loving history today. #cemetery #gravestone #graveyard #clyde #bonnieandclyde #sdhlfb A post shared by Shannon D Wells (@shannondwells) on Mar 19, 2016 at […]

That’s why I write them

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Devil’s Back Porch

    Last year I did a history/drinking on a bus tour of Dallas (although, sadly, I couldn’t partake, being pregnant). It hit a lot of random spots, and I believe the woman who led it leads private tours that highlight Bonnie and Clyde, if you’re ever in the area and interested. I’ll add a […]

Editing things

So much editing/rewriting. I think I found the story, though. Just took a bit of digging ? #amediting #writersofinsta (This update was posted from Instagram. You can find me there at shannondwells, or by clicking on the link in my sidebar) via Instagram

What are you reading?

Here’s some hints on some upcoming stories. What’s you’r favorite history book you’re into right now? #currentlyreading #history #historylover #historymystery (This update is via my Instagram account, you can follow me there at shannondwells, or find the link in my sidebar.) via Instagram

Back to business

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I’m going to be showing up here more now, and finishing the three stories/books I’ve got knocking around hopefully by fall.  Until we meet again, have a look at my interruption –  Where I've been. #sleepthief A post shared by Shannon D Wells (@shannondwells) on May […]

Book Recommend – Lost Recipes of Prohibition

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook page (and why not?), maybe you remember this picture I posted a while back: Catching up on some reading. If you like history, old books or cocktails, you'll love Lost Recipes of Prohibition, A Bootlegger's Manual. #prohibition #speakeasy #bootleggers #history #dirtythirties #lfb #reading #librarybook A post shared by […]

The Boyd House – Sears Kit Homes

In The Case of Bonnie & Clyde in Rome, Laurel and the boys visit Widow Boyd in her very austere Sears kit house. Sears (then Sears and Roebuck) was a revolutionary business in their time, and kit houses were just one of the ways they changed commerce. The Boyd house model is shown below. From […]

Women Detectives?

Part of why Laurel is so compelling to me is that she’s doing a job that’s unusual for a woman today, but was downright revolutionary in her time. In fact, it’s been suggested the idea might be far fetched. Besides the fact that Laurel is based on a real person, I thought you might enjoy […]

Dallas Heritage Village Sunday Social 

This past Sunday, the Dallas Heritage Village hosted the third annual Sunday Social, a jazz   Unfortunately I couldn’t go this year, some dear friends were in town and we had scheduled a brunch and naptime takes the rest. Here’s what we all missed by not being there. Dancing lessons Is this the origin of […]